Part of our complete solution for eBusiness success includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Our cutting-edge optimization and marketing techniques have gained several top search engine rankings for clients in many different industries. Our services can maximize search engine optimization for any website, and this service is included in every website that we develop.

One important part of SEO is making sure your website has a place on the internet. Search engines look at how many sites link to your site, and how many other sites you link to.

They don’t just count how many sites link to you, they also look at what kinds of sites link to you and how they rank. webdesigneuropean.euunderstands these trends, and we have experience that can help you optimize your ‘position’ on the internet. We will help you approach and work with partners, vendors, clients and even your competition, to improve search engine ranking through strategic links.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing has vast experience in using a series of in-house methods to maximize the return on investment for advertisers with budgets for pay-per-click campaigns. Our core specialty is tuning your Google AdWords campaign for maximum effectiveness, but there are also a number of other things we can help you with, including site design and development, usability consulting, search engine optimization coaching, advice on sales conversion tracking, and identifying little-known but reputable pay-per-click advertising opportunities.

Reporting, Tracking and Forecasting

At we have learned that there is no way to make progress without tracking past performance. This includes Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an ongoing process.

Achieving top rankings can take months, and staying at the top is hard work. provides comprehensive reporting that will tell you how your site ranks, what key words are bringing traffic, where traffic is coming from, and much more. This information helps you make smart decisions regarding your investment in SEO and SEM.