As we are entering the new millennium, businesses are under increasing pressure to utilize Internet technology to give them a leading edge over their competition. The problem encountered by many of today’s businesses is the “Who” and “How” to create a powerful, affordable, and dynamic Web presence. was founded in order to meet the increasing need for professional Web Site development.

Whether your organization is small or large, will cater to your specific needs providing you with professional and affordable Internet Solutions. can handle everything from web site architecture, relational database and graphic design to implementation, as well as maintenance and consulting.

Our specialty is in the development of E-Commerce and dynamic web-based applications utilizing Jrun and ColdFusion Web Application Servers along with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

We build and utilize scalable solutions using database technologies with web-based user interfaces applying your input of information and requirements. In ourdevelopment process we take into account your existing business processes. Then we effectively integrate legacy systems and databases to ensure a smooth site operation.

Our websites are hosted on servers powered by the latest platforms. There are used a combination of T1’s and DS3’s from Tier 1 Internet providers. Tier-1 means ISP connect directly to the provider (Cable and Wireless USA & Digex) that connect directly to the internet backbone.
CISCO routers offer redundancy through BGP4 routing and should any of our many lines go down, the traffic is automatically redirected and redistributed amongst the remaining lines.

For more information about my Web Development services, please send me an email or give us a call.

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