Affordable Web Services

Wd EU Team October 1, 2015 0 Comments

Congratulations! You’ve just made the first step to saving hundreds of dollars on your web project. We know that our low pricing and great service is what keeps our customers coming back for more. We want you to have the same experience.

From ground up, we build and implement web solutions. Not only does this include business web sites for the general public to view, but also behind-the-scenes administration and maintenance. Here’s a few of the services that we offer…

Our goal is to give you the most cost efficient solution for your needs. Many companies will present to you a “standard” methodology for your project. We understand that the “standard” way isn’t always the least expensive. With many of our clients, we’ve used “non-standard” procedures…and they all work just as well. If you have any questions about an alternative way of getting your website up and running, you should contact us. Also, if you’re looking for a way to decrease your internet expenses that you’re giving away to the other guys, contact us.

In almost all cases, configuring the costs of a custom website is like buying a car. For a car’s cost, it depends on how fast you want it to go, how glamorous does it look and what options does it have? In the same way, we need to know what resources will be needed to run your site, are you interested in many graphics or just content, and what all do you want it to do? We’ll need to determine is you’ll need basic hosting or more complex hosting. All of these factors play a role in giving you projected cost.

So, you know why it would be impossible to give rates here for your specific project. First, you should contact us about your project. We’ll get back in touch with you immediately. From there, we will establish what your needs and costs are. We know that you’ll find our web design rates to be very low compared to the industry average.