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3 Ways to Get Your Email Marketing in Sizzling Hot Sales


If you are frustrated by your ‘open’ rates of the emails you send out…then there are 3 things you must excel at to get you more sales and the phone ringing, orders ‘kachinging’ from your website!

1. Your Subject Line: This is a ‘make’ or ‘break’ critical path to sales. Everyone is bombarded today by numerous emails and if yours doesn’t have some kind of ‘hook’ or curiousity factor in the subject line…then the email will most likely be deleted before even opened!

2. Your message should ‘GIVE, GIVE, GIVE’: One of the most effective ways to gain trust is to offer valuable information for FREE. I know that may sound very strange to you…giving up information you normally charge for…however, it will PAY BACK in more dollars for you in the long run. You will build trust in your readers and trusting readers are more likely to purchase from you. It is critical in today’s mass media bombardment of information that you are not just a ‘me too’ type of business/marketer. Get bold, give away what you would normally sell…and just watch your sales rise!

3. Your email service provider: Did you know that some services your use, such as Constant Contact, Get Response have better delivery rate than others? You want to use the best service that makes sure your email communications don’t end up in the junk or spam folder or not even delivered!

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